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Sunday, 30 October 2011

One Simple and another a bit fiddly!

As you may have read on my Little Welsh Quilts blog, I have been gadding around lately!  I have also been having a few house problems which have rather wound me up and I haven't had the concentration to draft and cut out blocks with such tiny pieces. The sewing part is relatively straightforward but even that lapsed and I have been quilting the edges of  my "Little Welsh Treasure"  which is a much simpler job.  I am teaching this at the Jen Jones Quilt Centre in Lampeter next April.  I don't think it has been announced yet but if you are interested keep an eye on this link -

 I have, however, completed two blocks I prepared before my travels began-

The above block, which was the fiddly one because it has so many tiny pieces, was taken from The Jane Pizar quilt in the Cheltenham Museum, which I believe was made around the same time as the Sundial even though it has a later attributed date.

and this much simpler one based on a panel dated 1786 in the V&A quilt collection which was exhibited last year.

I have cut out a Compass Rose block based on one at the centre of a Cumbrian quilt date 1799, so perhaps I will start it this evening while watching Downton Abbey.  This would be good entertainment if it weren't being completely spoiled by so many adverts which makes it difficult to watch - piecing keeps me from getting too irritated! 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Another three!

I have been catching up after a few days in the Cotswolds.  I didn't take any blocks with me, as one needs a good light to sew these rather fiddly pieces and that is not always guaranteed in a holiday rental.  So on my return last Sunday I finished these three and cut out the next block.

I was so busy making sure that the cat on my cushion was in the picture, I didn't notice that the blocks were facing the wrong way, so I have cropped and turned them around! 

Only the block with green in it is from the Sundial.  The Sunflower block is a variation and the one on the right is from the Ann Randoll quilt dated 1802 which was also exhibited at the V&A last year.

Now I am tuned in, I am finding interesting blocks from quilts of the same era which I may well include.  At the moment I am drafting a Compass Rose block dated 1799!   

Sunday, 16 October 2011

New piece of Liberty Lawn

I have been away for a few days and there has been no progress on the quilt.  However, I thought you might like to see the piece of fabric I bought last week which I mentioned buying whilst writing my post?   I think it has possibilities?   I am now not sure where and how but it might well work?  The largest flowers are about an inch across and some are smaller, which is useful.

I folded the fabric and photographed both sides - the bottom half of the picture is the reverse of the fabric,  you have to look hard to see the difference, but it is there.  The colouring on the reverse is ever so slightly blurry which is useful - sometimes you need a bit of subtlety.

I might do some Broderie Perse with it because each flower is well defined which works best with that technique.  Too many printed flowers have indistinct edges which aren't ideal because then you have add definition with embroidery which is a chore and sometimes doesn't work.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Three finished and one almost!

My it is relentless.  I am trying to fit in cutting out blocks between preparing for a talk I am giving on Saturday, writing this and my other blog and having the builders in.  Oh and trying to cope with Call Centres! Why do we put up with them - alien things?  They must surely be sending up the heart attack rate?

Well back to the calm world of patchwork - thank goodness for it -

Buoyed up with success at doing the original sunflower block, I thought I would tackle a variation. I haven't finished it, but it's getting there! It still needs to be inserted into its background fabric which can be the tricky part.  The other three blocks are complete and ready to be placed in position on the Block Butler.

Apart from the background fabric of the sunflower variation, which is Laura Ashly, all are Liberty Lawn.