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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Another Phase

The top has now been sandwiched with the great help of my friend Jilly and her borrowed kitchen island (a long story) and I have begun quilting! 

I feel in my bones that it is going to take a while because I have decided to do another version in different colours.

Actually it won't be the same, as I have widened my net and am including blocks I have seen on quilts of the same era that I discovered since this saga began!

I have also bitten the bullet and bought Electric Quilt for Mac which was launched in April.  I debated long and hard about this because I had the pc version and really didn't want to spend more out on software.  I think I have wasted more money on software than any other single thing.  I buy a new programme full of optimism only to fall by the wayside when I try and use it.  I only wish there was someone who could give me some one to one tuition as I believe I only need the most basic application of this very sophisticated programme.

There was one block on the Sundial coverlet that I just didn't have a clear enough picture of to be able to draft a pattern and it really bugs me. 

So today I have written to the V&A to ask for their help!  Fingers crossed that they will be able to send me a better image?  To get this image I photographed the museum's image and enlarged it and it isn't bad.  It seems to be a sort of Dresden Plate but I would like it just a little bit clearer!

Watch this space for the results and for my progress!