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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sampler dated 1795

It's slow progress at the moment.  I am filling the first basket with flowers and finding it rather tedious and I have three more to do!  I will post a picture as soon as one is finished!

In the meantime, following my policy of showing things contemporary to the Sundial Coverlet, I found this sampler by Martha Grubb dated 1795 via the Needleprint blog.

It's being sold at  Roseberys on 10 November ( Lot 627) and I apologise for the not very good pictures. The one in the catalogue was small and couldn't be enlarged so I asked for better ones and this is the best they could do.  However, just look at the content!  I think it gives a real flavour of the era and it thrills me that the maker of the Sundial could have sewn a similar one!