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Friday, 19 April 2013

On hold again!

I fear that this project is bogged down again! Though I thought I had enough border I am about 2 inches short and that is using every scrap and not even to try matching!  I am feeling very frustrated, so near and yet so far! 

I agree with Susan's comment that not mitering is more in keeping with the era the quilt was made, but the Sundial coverlet has mitering which is a bit annoying!

You can see it quite clearly in the above picture and it also has it in other places on the coverlet.

When I was searching for that image I found this one -

This was on Carolyn's Quilting Room blog as a Block of the Month project.  It's looking good - what a mammoth project!

I am still scanning eBay for more of this border -

If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Corner solutions?

One of my friends has come to my rescue re the vintage Laura Ashley border I am searching for.  I could still do with another meter because at the moment I haven't enough to miter the corners.  I don't normally do this because, not only is it not usually done on English coverlets, but I hate the faff of it, but in this case I know it would look good.  However, unless another piece of border miraculously appears in a fairly short time, I am working on corner piece solutions.

Here is Bella, not helping at all!  I turn my back and this is what happens!
I have been trying out colours for the four corner blocks, you can just see what I have selected in this picture.
The large flowers are made of upholstery fabric and have had to be stablised with Fraycheck as they were fraying as I tried to attach them with herringbone stitch.
This is a close-up of the Liberty fabric I have chosen for the corners!
I am applying little hexagons to each corner piece.  They are slightly smaller than the others - I reduced the templates 10% on my photocopier - such a handy tool for patchwork!
I love doing these little hexagons to apply but a whole quilt would be a nightmare!  Sorry about the creases, they will all have a good press eventually!

My publisher wants me to do a little book on this quilt and I am working on ideas, but first of all I have to finish it!