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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sampler dated 1795

It's slow progress at the moment.  I am filling the first basket with flowers and finding it rather tedious and I have three more to do!  I will post a picture as soon as one is finished!

In the meantime, following my policy of showing things contemporary to the Sundial Coverlet, I found this sampler by Martha Grubb dated 1795 via the Needleprint blog.

It's being sold at  Roseberys on 10 November ( Lot 627) and I apologise for the not very good pictures. The one in the catalogue was small and couldn't be enlarged so I asked for better ones and this is the best they could do.  However, just look at the content!  I think it gives a real flavour of the era and it thrills me that the maker of the Sundial could have sewn a similar one!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Portrait of a Lady.

I came across this portrait while browsing the Internet and couldn't resist showing it.  The dates chime with the Sundial Coverlet so MCB, the maker whose initials are on the coverlet, could have looked very like this lady. 

While I am working on my quilt I am constantly looking for late 18th century links as I find it helps to keep me motivated and it's amazing what turns up!

The portrait is of Deborah Richmond and it is in the Abbey Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum in Williamsburg.  I was surprised to see it  described as a portrait of a young lady - it certainly isn't very flattering!  Do you think she would have done patchwork? 

If you would like to read more about her,  here is the link

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Filling the Basket

There are to be baskets on the four corners of the quilt and I have based the design on one seen on a similar quilt to the Sundial, dated 1799.

I  photocopied the fabric I intend using and auditioned the cut out paper pieces on the square of background ticking -

The handle won't be white - this was just the ordinary paper template!
Sorry this picture  is a bit out of focus, I took it hurriedly this morning,  it is just to give an idea where the baskets are to be placed.
You will notice that I have at last sewn all the squares together - no more Block Butler!  I I did it by hand as many of the pieces needed a bit of easing in.  I couldn't do this on the sewing machine as I am not a good enough machinist, so I think it will all hand sewn - apart maybe from the very outer borders - but a long way to go yet!


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cottage Orne Continued

It is now just over a year since I began this blog recording my tribute to the Sundial Coverlet at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  I put it on hold this March, simply because I needed a rest from it and had other projects that needed my attention.  Do any of you feel like this on a long project?  Sometimes I simply run out of steam and need a break, however I do admire those who stick to one project and pursue it to the end.

Well now I have begun again - here is the centre of the quilt still floating freely -

and here it is being auditioned (on my sitting room floor) with surrounding border -

Do you ever have a fabric which you want to included in a quilt but no matter how you try it just won't go?
Well I regularly have this problem, this is my current "no it really doesn't work" fabric -

It's a piece of lovely G.P. & J Baker curtaining called "Parrot and Pineapple" and has the same delicate colouring but so far it keeps being rejected.  Rather than cut into fabric I usually photocopy a section then cut out pieces and audition that -

It's a slow process and I envy anyone who has a design wall and doesn't have to use the floor with cats wandering around!

I also have another problem - my patterns, notes and some already worked bits are in one of these boxes  which have been packed prior to having the tiled floor in my workroom restored -

This was done before I decided to return to the quilt.  They are too heavy for me to explore so I am waiting for a willing pair of hands to appear!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sorry - project on hold!

I am so sorry I have been absent this year.  In truth I have had to shelve this project because of other commitments but when time permits I am sewing the little blocks together.  I have certainly not abandoned it and as soon as I am able I will return!