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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Progress and problems

It is a few weeks since I last posted. The bereavement I had over Christmas has left me with no interest in sewing, in fact no creative spark at all.

I have, however, attached the baskets to the corners and have now started applying various hexagons and flower sprays to the inner border.

The sprays are still in their paper form as I need to feel a bit more creative than I do at the moment, to tackle them.

I have been auditioning fabric for a border to surround the blocks and this one would do the job beautifully -

but I only have this fairly small amount.  It is a vintage Laura Ashley border and though I am looking on eBay, I very much doubt if I will find any, but I live in hope.  I have a vague Plan B but it won't be nearly as effective, so I will hang on a bit.  If anyone out there knows or has this border I would be most grateful to buy some - I need about 10 yards.