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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Three finished and one almost!

My it is relentless.  I am trying to fit in cutting out blocks between preparing for a talk I am giving on Saturday, writing this and my other blog and having the builders in.  Oh and trying to cope with Call Centres! Why do we put up with them - alien things?  They must surely be sending up the heart attack rate?

Well back to the calm world of patchwork - thank goodness for it -

Buoyed up with success at doing the original sunflower block, I thought I would tackle a variation. I haven't finished it, but it's getting there! It still needs to be inserted into its background fabric which can be the tricky part.  The other three blocks are complete and ready to be placed in position on the Block Butler.

Apart from the background fabric of the sunflower variation, which is Laura Ashly, all are Liberty Lawn.   

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