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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Another three!

I have been catching up after a few days in the Cotswolds.  I didn't take any blocks with me, as one needs a good light to sew these rather fiddly pieces and that is not always guaranteed in a holiday rental.  So on my return last Sunday I finished these three and cut out the next block.

I was so busy making sure that the cat on my cushion was in the picture, I didn't notice that the blocks were facing the wrong way, so I have cropped and turned them around! 

Only the block with green in it is from the Sundial.  The Sunflower block is a variation and the one on the right is from the Ann Randoll quilt dated 1802 which was also exhibited at the V&A last year.

Now I am tuned in, I am finding interesting blocks from quilts of the same era which I may well include.  At the moment I am drafting a Compass Rose block dated 1799!   


dragonfly gypsy said...

You are doing a great job. I love it as I do the quilt. I travelled from Australia to see this quilt and wasn't disappointed. I am making a version myself. Cheers Sharron

Chris said...

I love how your blocks are progressing. Such a good idea to create a blog for us to follow your work.

Lynne said...

Just spotted the Laura Ashley 'Kate' fabric in one of your blocks. Takes me back to making pretty nursery things for my daughter, also called Kate! Lovely memories.