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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Something wonderful has happened!

I have been in the Cotswolds for a few days celebrating my birthday and I received an email greeting and attached was a picture of the Laura Ashley border I needed to finish this quilt, asking if this was the one I was looking for!  It was the best birthday surprise! Later messages confirmed that a whole roll had been found amongst a collection of fabrics donated to a local quilt group by the family of my friend June Rees.

My dear friend June died suddenly last Christmas and her death has affected me deeply and I miss her dreadfully. I knew she had a collection of LA borders because at one time you could buy them very cheaply in their summer and winter sales and June was an early riser who would be there when the doors opened!  I lived further away in those days, so that was my excuse for not being there with her, but she would take my list of wants and buy for me!

A whole roll of border!  I can hardly believe it!  Now I have enough to mitre the corners if  I decide to and the fact that it came from June makes it so special to me.  I know you will understand how I feel?  This is a special project and it is now made even more special by being able to complete it using my dear friend's fabric.  It feels as if she has left me a gift that she knew I would particularly appreciate.  I am feeling very emotional as I type this!

Now I have to get on with the project, so watch this space!  I shall begin again in a few weeks, because next week I am visiting the Quilt Museum in York for the first time and am delivering my Charles and Diana quilt which is to be exhibited there in September and, because I have been away from home,  I have lots to catch up on before then!

I will be back as soon as I can!


Lynn S said...

I am so very happy!!! You're right--this makes the quilt even more special. I believe June was listening to your requests still! I check in ever so often to see how the quilt is going. I can't wait to see the post when all completed!

Susan Briscoe said...

It isn't surprising you were feeling emotional writing this blog post. How lovely that your friend will be forever remembered in your quilt border! What a lovely resolution to your fabric hunt.