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Friday, 19 April 2013

On hold again!

I fear that this project is bogged down again! Though I thought I had enough border I am about 2 inches short and that is using every scrap and not even to try matching!  I am feeling very frustrated, so near and yet so far! 

I agree with Susan's comment that not mitering is more in keeping with the era the quilt was made, but the Sundial coverlet has mitering which is a bit annoying!

You can see it quite clearly in the above picture and it also has it in other places on the coverlet.

When I was searching for that image I found this one -

This was on Carolyn's Quilting Room blog as a Block of the Month project.  It's looking good - what a mammoth project!

I am still scanning eBay for more of this border -

If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful?


Robin said...

If you are only 2" short, could you possibly insert your label in that space? Just a thought. . .

Little Welsh Quilts and other traditions said...

Thanks Robin, that's an idea which I will hold on to! I have a similar plan which is a bit complicated but I am going to hang on a bit because sure as guns, if I compromise, a piece of the border will turn up!

Glenda said...

Yesterday I went and saw this quilt at the Queensland Art Gallery, I spent an hour studying this quilt, it just drew me in the more I looked the more amayzed. I became, so to day I started researching it. And came across your blog, I have spent around 2hours studing your week blocks and was sad to read you have once again come to a stand still with it. I'm a moderator on Esther Aliu's blog in Australia and she has just drafted up a 1790's quilt top or coveret as they were calle d then over the last 2years. it has just been released as a 18month Free BOM. I think you would enjoy seeing what she has done. Thanks for the wonderful jouney of your sundial quilt and I hope. One day you do complete this beautiful quilt. Cheers Glenda Australia.