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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Another at last!

Apologies for not posting, in truth I had very little to show and even now I only have one complete block, the other, as you can see, is nearly there but not quite  -

The completed Compass Rose Block was based on one at the centre of a quilt made in 1799, with a similar layout to the Sundial but with very much simpler blocks. 

The secondary spokes of the compass, which I did in brown, really aren't strong enough and don't hold their own with the outer ring of pieces.  I should have chosen stronger contrasts but I actually quite like its subtlety.  Just to liven it up a bit I pieced it into a striped background which gives the block a bit of zing!

The unfinished piece is from the Sundial and I'm struggling with the piecing of this much more than the Compass Rose.  I can never understand why these Compass blocks are considered difficult because they are all straight piecing, you just have to get the fabric choice right!

After these two, I have only four small blocks to work and I have cut out two today, so will be able to settle down this evening and piece while watching "Downton Abbey"  (UK favourite Sunday Evening Drama).  It's  on ITV unfortunately because it there are so many adverts that one needs a diversion!

When I finish the little blocks I then begin the four larger corner blocks and of course the internal borders, so a long way to go!


Robin said...

Pretty little block. I like the subtlety of the brown too.

Shirley said...

Love the compass rose Mary and I too think they aren't difficult. Just need to be logical with the order of piecing. Love Downton and hear there is to be a third series.

Jane in Cumbria said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog.
How fascinating! Great minds think alike! :o)
The funniest thing is that my quilt will have our farmhouse in Scotland at the centre, but you will see that before long. I am still in the drawing stage.
This is a wonderful discovery!
I shall follow your progress too.