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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Filling the Basket

There are to be baskets on the four corners of the quilt and I have based the design on one seen on a similar quilt to the Sundial, dated 1799.

I  photocopied the fabric I intend using and auditioned the cut out paper pieces on the square of background ticking -

The handle won't be white - this was just the ordinary paper template!
Sorry this picture  is a bit out of focus, I took it hurriedly this morning,  it is just to give an idea where the baskets are to be placed.
You will notice that I have at last sewn all the squares together - no more Block Butler!  I I did it by hand as many of the pieces needed a bit of easing in.  I couldn't do this on the sewing machine as I am not a good enough machinist, so I think it will all hand sewn - apart maybe from the very outer borders - but a long way to go yet!



Robin said...

Your basket looks lovely with the other finished squares. I'm glad to see you are working on this quilt again, it is beautiful so far.

Lynn S said...

Yea!!!!! I've been checking on you weekl, while on hold, as have been following your project. So very beautiful! I love what you are doing! I like how you are using the fabrics so creatively

Maureen said...

This project is lovely and different from anything else I see on blogs. Thanks for sharing and keep plugging away!